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Sydenham Field Naturalists is a distributor for several useful field guides. These field guides offer hundreds of photos to provide help with the identification of these fascinating species.


Photo Field Guide to the Butterflies  of Southern Ontario by Ian Carmichael and Ann Vance. Published by St. Thomas Field Naturalist Club.  $10.00


Photo Field Guide to Some Caterpillars of Southern Ontario by Ian Carmichael and Ann Vance. Published by St. Thomas Field Naturalist Club $10.00

Photo Field Guide to the Dragonflies and Damselflies of Southwestern Ontario – 2nd Edition

by Ian Carmicael, Alistar MacKenzie and Brad Steinberg. Published by The Friends of Pinery Park. $10.00


Photo Field Guide to the Bats of Ontario

by Erin Fraser, Alistair MacKenzie and Christina Davy. Published by St. Thomas Field Naturalist Club.  $10.00

Photo Field Guide to the Freshwater Mussels of Ontario

by Janice Metcalfe-Smith, Alistair MacKenzie, Ian Carmichael and Daryl McGoldrick. Published by St. Thomas Field Naturalist Club. $10.00

Photo Field Guide to Some Wildflowers of Southern Ontario by Ian Carmichael, Ann Vance and Alistair MacKenzie. Published by St. Thomas Field Naturalist Club.  $15.00


At present, the Wallaceburg & District Museum, 505 King Street, Wallaceburg, 519-627-8962 is offering a point of purchase for these books or contact us for any requests.


Recommended Reference Books

We polled our members for their favourite books that they have and would recommend.


 - Wetland Plants of Ontario – Steven G Newmaster, Allan G. Harris, Linda J. Kersahw, published by One Pine Publishing – ISBN 1-55105-059-5

A colourful and help guide to identification of over 450 species of wetland plants of Ontario.

- Trees of the Carolinian Forest: A Guide to Species, Their Ecology and Uses – Gerry Waldron, published by Boston Mills Press – ISBN 1-55046-404-3

A guide to help identify, propagate and establish the trees that have a natural place in our landscape.

- Field Guide to the Birds of North America  – National Geographic Society; many contributors – ISBN 0-87044-472-7

Excellent colour plates and brief descriptions, with range maps, of all species seen in North America.


- The Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Eastern North America – David Allen Sibley, published by Alfred A. Knopf – ISBN 0-679-45120-X

A smaller version of the Sibley Guide to Birds, Excellent colour plates showing multiple images of all major colour variations with range maps.


- Kaufman Field Guide to Insects of North America – Eric R. Eaton & Kenn Kaufman, published by Houghton Mifflin – ISBN-10: 0-618-15310-1

Includes more than 2300 excellent images of insects, representing all major groups, with brief descriptions of families and selected species from each.

- Caterpillars of Eastern North America – David L. Wagner, published by Princeton University Press, ISBN 0-691-12143-5

  Includes 1200 colour photos of nearly 700 species seen east of the Mississippi. A full page for each species, with a large photo of the caterpillar and a small photo of the adult; good descriptions of recognition, occurrence and common food plants. Includes some extra photos of colour variations.

- Mushrooms of Ontario and Eastern Canada – George Barron, published by Lone Pine Publishing – ISBN 1-55105-199-0

875 excellent colour photos of the most commonly seen mushrooms in Ontario, with short non-technical descriptions.

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