Sydenham Field Naturalists have made a difference.

Refer to the map and see our contributions.

 Numbers 1 13 mark nature projects we have helped with financial support.

  Numbers 13 24 are projects that our club has taken on as projects to enhance or protect habitat and monitor species.

Our volunteers and members have planted, weeded, watered and monitored in the name of species and/or habitat preservation.




Members have the opportunity to do any or all of the following: 


Attend outings and meetings that inform, educate and entertain

Share and enjoy the world of nature with community, family and friends

Enjoy outdoor activities while learning new things

Support your favourite project with financial aid or by digging in and getting dirty

Support ongoing preservation projects that matter to you and the community

Share your nature-related hobbies with other enthusiasts

Have an impact on the world we leave behind for others


 Download the Membership Form  here
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