Membership Benefits

Members have the opportunity to do any or all of the following: 


Attend outings and meetings that inform, educate and entertain

Share and enjoy the world of nature with community, family and friends

Enjoy outdoor activities while learning new things

Support your favourite project with financial aid or by digging in and getting dirty

Support ongoing preservation projects that matter to you and the community

Share your nature-related hobbies with other enthusiasts

Have an impact on the world we leave behind for others


 Download the Membership Form  here

Getting Involved


We are looking for interested individuals who share a love of preserving our environment and natural spaces.

We can offer fresh air, exercise, opportunity to adventure and learn, and the chance to help wildlife, nature and the environment





There are many other ways to become an involved member. There are volunteer positions within our board of directors or sub-committees such as fund raising and special events.  Perhaps you would like to share your expertise about a natural science area or would be willing to lead a field trip to a natural area. We are involved in many species protection issues and you could be a vocal advocate or financial supporter. Whatever appeals to your interests, we would love to hear from you.


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